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Dr Phillip Lasater

My research and teaching have benefited greatly from the Centre’s rigorous, intentional integration of Hebrew Bible scholarship with the humanities.

There is always an openness toward careful reflection as well as reconsideration of “settled” matters in biblical studies. I have been able to teach at the Hebrew reading group; work closely with masters and DPhil students; lead discussion about the state of our research field; pursue integration with legal studies and legal anthropology; and present research at an interdisciplinary workshop: “The Formation of the Subject.” I think this framework has improved my own research on legal anthropologies in the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I find that it even impacts how I conceive of tutorials for undergraduate students, which I am convinced helps them develop a richer understanding of the Bible’s place in a wider disciplinary context.

I very much look forward to continuing my work in Theology and Religion and the Centre for the Study of the Bible.