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Dr Yael Fisch

Yael Fisch did her PhD, titled Paul’s Interpretation of Scripture and the Pre-History of Midrash, at Tel Aviv University (2018). She is interested in scriptural interpretation in antiquity and in the history of hermeneutical methods (allegory, typology, pesher, midrash) and in the possibilities (and limitations) of using Paul’s letters in reconstructing early and under-documented Jewish interpretative traditions in the first century CE. She has also worked and published on parallel traditions between Josephus and the Rabbis. In her postdoctoral project, titled The Hermeneutics of Torah to the Gentiles: Scripture Beyond Ethnic Particularity, she intends to explore Jewish discourses from Alexandria and Judea/Palestine that think of scripture as addressing non-Jews as well as Jews, and the ways by which these discourses have reshaped Torah and its interpretative practices. Beyond a contribution to the field of scriptural interpretation, she intends the project to serve as a critical inquiry into the ancient Jewish roots of universalism.

Research Area/s: 

Biblical Studies: Old and New Testament 

Research Interests:

Rabbinic Literature, Second Temple Literature, Biblical Interpretation, Hermeneutics, New Testament, Early Christianity, Literary and critical theory.