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Between Hermeneutics and Philology: Ezekiel the Tragedian

In association with the Early Biblical Interpretation Seminar and the Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman World; and with the Oriel Centre for the Study of the Bible, the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Classics, and the Faculty for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

Convened by Hindy Najman, Constanze Güthenke, and Meron Piotrkowski

10:00–12:30 Morning Session

Chair: Meron Piotrkowski (Wolfson)

10:00 Opening Remarks

10:15 Elizabeth Stell (Oriel)

Dream, Performance, and Fragmentary Text: Imagined Realities (and Unrealities) of the Exagoge

11:00 Annie Calderbank (Oriel)

Divine Manifestation and Divine Agency in Ezekiel’s Exagoge

11:45 Sebastian Kenny (Corpus Christi)

Language Contact in Ezekiel: Pattern Replication in Exagoge?

12:30–13:30 Lunch Break—A light lunch will be provided for attendees

13:30–15:30 Early Afternoon Session

Chair: Constanze Güthenke (Corpus Christi)

13:30 Meron Piotrkowski (Wolfson)

Ezekiel on Papyrus

14:00 Max Kramer (Keble)

The Literary Hinterland of Moses in Ezekiel the Tragedian

14:45 Simon Goldhill (Cambridge)

Travelling Tragedy

15:30–16:00 Coffee Break—Tea and coffee will be provided for attendees

16:00–18:00 Late Afternoon Session

16:00 Keynote Presentation

Chair: Hindy Najman (Oriel)

Speaker: Pierluigi Lanfranchi (Aix-Marseille)

Ezekiel’s Exagoge: Ritual and Theatre

17:00 Discussion and Respondents

Chair: Alison Salvesen (Mansfield)

Respondents: Scott Scullion (Worcester)

Constanze Guthenke (Corpus Christi)

Emma Greensmith (St John’s)

Arjen Bakker (Groningen)

Max Leventhal (Cambridge)

Hindy Najman (Oriel)

18:00–19:00 Reception—Attendees are welcome to a reception in the Ioannou Centre

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