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Our achievements and milestones

Events and programmes

Since its inception the Centre has achieved international recognition and has already hosted multiple events drawing academics to Oxford from across the globe.

  • The conferences, seminars, lectures, and workshops bring together some of the most prominent scholars into conversation with promising and passionate students.
  • The highest quality of academic conversation is maintained while attendance numbers continue to grow.
  • Our programmes address critical questions and promote field-changing work across disciplinary boundaries. A new book series with Oxford University Press provides a channel to publish this work, giving visibility to the enormous relevance of the Bible for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • The Centre has formed an advisory board and a programme committee, drawing together Oriel’s senior officers, faculty and students from across the University of Oxford.
Current seminars
  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Seminar
  • Early Biblical Interpretation Seminar
  • Ethical Reading Seminar (in collaboration with Classics)
  • Biblical Hebrew Reading Group
International partners

Collaborative workshops are lead with our international partners:

  • Freie Universität (Berlin),
  • University of Birmingham,
  • University of Cambridge,
  • Yale University,
  • Tel Aviv University,
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
  • Humboldt University (Berlin),
  • Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin),
  • University of Zurich,
  • Princeton University,
  • Kings College London,
  • Trinity College Dublin.

An international exhibition entitled Vitality of Judaism in Antiquity: Art, Magic and Text is being planned for 2025 in partnership with our Centre and Oriel College.

Fundraising achievements
  • Philanthropic support has been vital in enabling the formation and early success of the Centre.
  • An initial investment from Oriel to the Centre was complemented by support from alumni of the College and friends of the Centre; and ongoing support has been provided by The Knapp Family Foundation and the Oriel and Laing Foundation.

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