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Oxford Medieval Commentary Network: Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

The upcoming interdisciplinary seminar series by the Oxford Medieval Commentary Network features talks on different aspects of the commentary tradition.

Talks will take place at lunchtime on Thursdays of Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 in the Thatched Barn at Christ Church (free lunch included!). There is an excellent line-up of speakers for this term and all are welcome.

For further information: 

Download the schedule for Hilary Term 2023
Schedule for Hilary Term 2023
Week 1


Week 2

26 January

Tristan Franklinos (Wolfson & Oriel College)

“Peter Abelard’s Hymns as exegesis for the sisters of the Paraclete”

Week 3


Week 4

9 February

Jiani Sun (Oriel College)

“The Making of an Autobiography: Reading, Writing, and Shaping the Life of Solomon in Wisdom of Solomon 7-9”

Week 5


Week 6

23 February

Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University of London)

“Nigra sum: What Song of Songs commentaries can tell us about the meanings of blackness”

Week 7


Week 8

9 March

Alastair Minnis (Emeritus Professor, Yale)

“Reconciling amour and yconomique: The significance of the Chess of Love commentary by Evrart de Conty (c.1330-1405)”