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Biblical Hebrew Reading Group

The reading group provides an opportunity to read a biblical text under the guidance of great international scholars, Junior Research Fellows, and advanced postgraduate students. The Biblical Hebrew Reading Group allows students, ranging from undergraduates to doctoral students, to improve their fluency in Hebrew, and to connect the philological working of the biblical text with conceptual frameworks. This group also allows students to engage at all levels. Those with more fluency read and translate, and those with less experience contribute to the conceptual work and practice their reading and grammar.

Convenor: Cian Power (Oriel)

In Trinity Term 2024, the Biblical Hebrew Reading Group will run on Mondays 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Consult at the Oriel College porter’s lodge for the 4-digit passcode to enter the Harris Seminar Room.

PDF Download of OCSB Trinity Term 2024 Schedule
Schedule for Hilary Term 2024
Week 1

(22 April)

No session.

Week 2

29 April)

No session.

Week 3

6 May)

Andreas Schüle (Leipzig)

Isaiah 11:112

Week 4

(13 May)

No session.

Week 5

(20 May)

Christophe Nihan (Münster)

Leviticus 10

Week 6

(27 May)

Bernd Schipper (HU Berlin)

Proverbs 22:1723:11

Week 7

(3 June)

Cian Power (Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford)

2 Kings 4:1-7; Psalm 116

Week 8

(10 June)

Lauren Monroe (Cornell)

Judges 45

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