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Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Seminar

This seminar, co-sponsored by the Faculty of Theology and Religion, is the flagship seminar of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament subject area in Oxford. The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Seminar runs each term and hosts an international array of scholars in the field of Biblical Studies. The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Seminar is attended by a variety of faculties across the University of Oxford. Students and faculty participate in the discussion in the formal sessions as well as in more informal discussions each week after the seminars. We create the conditions for students to engage with visiting scholars, and to relate their research to larger research topics across the field. It is essential for our postgraduate community to engage with different methodologies and ways of thinking about the texts they study. Moreover, the students come to engage with scholars from across the UK and the world.


Convened by Hindy Najman

In Trinity Term 2024, The Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament Seminar will run on Mondays 2:30 pm – 16:00 pm unless stated otherwise.

Please direct any enquiries to

PDF Download of OCSB Trinity Term 2024 Schedule
Schedule for Trinity Term 2024
Week 1
(22 April)

No session.

Week 2
(29 April)

No Monday seminar. Oxbridge Day will be held in Cambridge on Friday the 3rd of April.

Week 3 (2 sessions)
(Mon. 6 May)

Andreas Schüle (Leipzig)

Messianic Imagination in Isaiah

(Thurs. May 9)

Sarit Kattan Gribetz (Fordham)

Between Day and Night: Twilight in Jewish Antiquity

10am-12pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Week 4 (2 sessions)
(Mon. May 13)

Full day workshop, 10am-6pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Ambrosiana Codex and Syriac Traditions (see schedule here)

(Tues. 14 May)

Breakfast meeting with Karina Martin Hogan (Fordham)

The Book of Ruth as a Case Study in Global Feminist Hermeneutics

8:30am-9:30am, room tbd, Oriel College

RVSP please to

Week 5 (2 sessions)

Week 5 (20 May)

Christophe Nihan (Münster)

The Aramaic Levi Document and Priestly Discourse in the Second Temple Period: A Reevaluation

(Thurs. 23 May)

Angie Erisman

The Torah in the Greek World: Tragedy, Rhetoric, and Philosophy in the Wilderness Narrative

10am-12pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College


Week 6
(27 May)

Bernd Schipper (HU Berlin)

From Amenemope to Chacheshonqi – Prov 22:1724:22 and Egyptian Wisdom Literature


Week 7 (3 sessions)
(Thursday 6 June)*

Full day workshop, 9am-4pm, Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College.

Between Hermeneutics and Philology: Ezekiel the Tragedian (see schedule here)

(Tues. 4 June)

Special Oxbridge session (hybrid – link to be shared)

Professor Christopher Rowland and Professor John Barton, and respondents

The Open Heaven and Oracles of God

4.00pm-5:30pm, Cambridge, Divinity Faculty

(Weds. 5 June)

Delvyn Case (Wheaton; Exeter)

Contemporary Music as a Resource for Theological Thinking and Biblical Interpretation: A Composer’s Perspective

4-5pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Co-sponsored by the Bible in Art, Music and Literature seminar


Week 8
(June 10)

Lauren Monroe (Cornell)

Beneath the Palm of Deborah: Becoming Israel in Judges 45

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