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Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Seminar

This seminar, co-sponsored by the Faculty of Theology and Religion, is the flagship seminar of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament subject area in Oxford. The seminar covers all areas of the field with particular attention to innovative research, interdisciplinarity, philological study, and methodological reflection. Presenters include leading researchers in Oxford, collaborators from other UK universities, and major international scholars. Some terms are themed and focus on particular topics.


Alison Salvesen (OCHJS)

In Trinity Term 2023, The Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament Seminar will run on Mondays 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

Consult at the Oriel College porter’s lodge for the 4-digit passcode to enter the Harris Seminar Room.

PDF Download of Trinity Term 2023 Schedule
Schedule for Trinity Term 2023
Week 1

1st week, 24th April 2023

no seminar session this week

Week 2

2nd Week, 1 May 2023

Cian Power (Oriel)

Book symposium: The Significance of Linguistic Diversity in the Hebrew Bible: Language and Boundaries of Self and Other, Tübingen, 2023. (Harris Seminar Room, followed by Reception at 4:15 pm in the SCR, Oriel College)

Week 3

3rd Week, 8 May 2023

no seminar session this week

Week 4

4th Week, 15 May 2023

Harald Samuel (Mansfield)

Editions of the Hebrew Bible through the Centuries

Week 5

5th Week, 22 May 2023

no seminar session this week

Week 6

6th Week, 29 May 2023

Phillip Lasater (Worcester)

Psalm 40 and “new covenant?” Contextualizing the legal anthropology of a liturgical text



Week 7

7th Week, 5 June 2023

no seminar session this week

Week 8

8th Week, 12 June 2023

no seminar session this week

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