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Professor Tobias Reinhardt

MA, DPhil

Tobias Reinhardt is the Corpus Christi Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in the Faculty of Classics, as well as a Fellow of Corpus Christi College.

Professor Reinhardt’s research interests are in Latin prose, ancient rhetoric and literary criticism, Latin didactic poetry, the borderline area between classical literature and ancient philosophy, as well as Latin textual criticism. He is interested in arguments, in the circumstances in which they count as good or relevant (e.g. public debate, philosophical discourse, legal casuistry), and in how they are expressed in Latin and Greek; in the way in which ‘theory’ (rhetorical, philosophical, legal) made an impact on real life, by informing attitudes on everyday matters and shaping the perception and solution of practical problems; and in the way in which philosophical and rhetorical doctrine was used to articulate traditional or intuitively held views and convictions. 

Research interests: Latin literature, ancient philosophy, Latin textual criticism