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Professor William Wood


William Wood is an Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, as well as the Clifford Potter Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Oriel College. He currently serves as the Chair of the Theology and Religion Faculty Board.

Professor Wood is interested in questions about the place of theology in the modern research university, philosophical and theological accounts of sin and self-deception in the Augustinian tradition, and what it means to say that God is truth, especially with respect to medieval figures like Anselm and Aquinas.

Research interests: Analytic theology; the relationship between philosophy, theology, and the study of religion; the place of theology in the secular university; medieval theology, especially the thought of Anselm of Canterbury and Thomas Aquinas; the doctrine of sin, especially the link between sin and self-deception; theological and philosophical implications of the claim that God is truth; the thought of Blaise Pascal