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Ethical Reading Seminar

This seminar, which runs during Hilary Term, brings biblical scholars and classicists together to explore shared literary themes, research methods, and reading practices across disciplines. In Hilary Term 2023, the seminar is focused on the theme of Form. This term’s seminar will explore how the concept of ‘form’ is used and applied in scholarship in helpful ways, but also offer a space for critiquing the term and its history in scholarship. As the term itself is hard to define, we are excited to see the interpretations and perspectives offered by our presenters from across multiple disciplines. Conveners: Constanze Güthenke (Corpus Christi) and Hindy Najman (Oriel) Co-conveners: Henner Petin (Corpus Christi) and Rebekah Van Sant (Oriel) In Hilary Term 2023, the Ethical Reading seminar will run on Wednesdays 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm. Consult at the Corpus Christi College lodge to enter the MBI Al Jaber Auditorium.
PDF Download of Hilary Term 2023 Schedule
Schedule for Hilary Term 2023
Week 1

18th January

Henner Petin (Oxford)

Euripides Orestes: An Escape Tragedy?

Rebekah Van Sant (Oxford)

“We Have Transgressed and Rebelled. You Have Not Forgiven”: The Dialogic Poetics of the Book of Lamentations

Week 2

25th January

Gregory Hutchinson (Oxford)

Form in Classical Literature: Confessions of a Fan

Week 3

1st February

Adriana X. Jacobs (Oxford)

The Long Line

Week 4

8th February

Terence Cave (Oxford)

Redescribing ‘Form’: The Autopoietic Turn

Week 5

15th February

Noam Mizrahi (Hebrew University)

Poetic Construction and Merkabah Exegesis in the Twelfth Song of the Sabbath Sacrifice

Week 6

22nd February

Hans Decker (Zürich)

Idealism and Imagination: On the Miniature Form of the Proverb

Week 7

1st March

Dorota Molin (Oxford)

Are ‘Fluid Forms’ Forms? Lessons From Modern Middle Eastern Folklore

Week 8

8th March

Leah Whittington (Harvard)

Fictions of Repair: Patches, Insertions, and Imagined Forms

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